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filipino's favourite



8-in round cake, $65

  • Good for 8-10 people

  • 4 layers of nutty meringue, filled with French buttercream and covered with crunchy cashews

  • This unique and heavenly desert is perfect for any occasion  or craving.

ube cake.jpg

Ube CakE

(purple yam cake)

8-in round cake, $65

•  Good for 8-10 people

•  One of the most famous cake in 

   the Philippines.

•  This consists of 3 layers of ultra     moist chiffon ube cake with           cream cheese frosting.


Braso de Mercedes

35cms rolled cake, $50

  • Good for 8 people 

  • This is a rolled cake made of sheet of soft meringue and custard filling.

  • One of the all time favorites in handaan/gathering

NOTICE: Please allow 3 days from pre-order to pickup.

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